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Thread: LF Clan

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    LF Clan

    Hi guys,

    im searching a small clan with active players to play with.
    It would be awesome, if the clan is a German clan. But i also speak good english. Not perfect, but good.

    I prefer conquest but im flexible.

    About me:
    Im an old smite veteran because im playing since PC beta. That means i know at least everything about the Game.
    I also played a lot of ESL Tournaments.

    I main support but i can play every lane.

    If someone is interested, feel free to text me

    PSN: Noyolevii

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    Hello! Add me on PSN Psycho_Cobra__
    I just formed a new clan for 18+ and looking for players! Clan name is Cyanide Gaming (Used to be a diamond clan but everyone left becaue i was inactive) Iam the only one there now so you can join ! Everyone is invited so add me and pm me

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    Hi, my buddy and I recently made a clan, we only have 4 people as of right now. We don't require mics and predominantly play joust, though we are open to other gamemodes. We are good in my opinion are nearly always positive KDA. We are also team players, not all about stats. IF you would like to join our clan name is Weeaboo (tag is Wboo). We don't actually watch anime but thought it was a funny name (nothing wrong with weebs), or add myself (Bottled_Water) or my buddy (SFGiantsfreak222) if you would like an invite (clan is set to open though).

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