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Thread: Was Chang'e originally designed as a support?

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    Was Chang'e originally designed as a support?

    I recently watched her god reveal again and noticed, her 1 was her only damaging tool (apart from her ult) which also gave her and allies hit by it protections. Her 3 didn't deal damage but only healed and reduced the healing of enemies. Was she meant to be a pure support mage like Hel and Aphrodite on release? To be honest, I wish Chang'e support was a thing... I know she doesn't have enough CC besides from her stun on her ult. Maybe give her protection buff on her 1 back and casting her 2 could mesmerize enemies looking at her within a range because it's so beautiful... XD Those not facing her directly aren't affected. To balance that you probably would have to reduce her power overall and/or increase her cooldowns as well so she can't mesmerize and kill you all da long. Her healing should be increased as well. But this just came into my mind while writing the first few lines, so nevermind.
    Regarding her 2, each tick of damage absorbed restores mana to her and her allies within a specific area which is overlooked quite often. This also makes me think that she was intented to be a support goddess.

    Chang'e doesn't really need a buff or nerf and I like her in her current state! But if you would like her to be a support mage, what would you change about her kit?

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    Its true, she was a support and so was Aphrodite. They still belonged in the mage class, but their focus was always in aiding their team with as much utility as possible without exploiting their possible damage. The problem is that support mages like them proved ineffective, one of the main reasons being that bodyblocking attacks is very valuable in Smite because most attacks (specially basic attacks) are skillshots and not targeted like in LoL, so a tank always worked better. Chang'e got turned into a tanky solo lane mage with some changes on her numbers, from what I see in some old patches, and Aphrodite actually transfered very well without many changes to her kit.

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    Initially she was, but squishy Mage supports didn't work. Eventually they made a few changes to her kit to make her more offensively viable. If Chang'e wanted to be a support, than she would need more CC than a 1 second stun every 90s.
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    They saw sona in LoL, so they wanted to create their own (mute, relies on poking, has a heal and aoe stun ult, what are the odds!).

    Unfortunately they forgot that guardians are a bullshit class so squishies don't work in duolane for support.
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