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Thread: The average ranked game for me the past few...

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    The average ranked game for me the past few...

    In lobby, no one chooses their role besides me and one other. No one talks or accepts party invites. So guess work is involved.

    Once in game, one of the lanes starts feeding and feeding bad. All the while the feeder is spamming "thanks" EVERY death.

    Then the feeder just quits and sits in fountain. Every time someone else dies from this point on the feeder spams "you rock", "cancel that".

    Surrender attempt happens... nope because 3 is apparently not a majority of the team. So we're stuck.

    The lanes eventually fall because at that point most people have given up due to the feeder and we get backed up.

    At this point we either die or we finally surrender...

    I'm in gold, yet the quality of matches is worse than casuals.....

    WHAT THE GOSH DERN DIDDLY is going on here? These people are very clearly not smart enough for ranked, a simple test on the mode of CQ would very easily weed out some of these fools, the rest... well reporting...

    I can safely say, the amount of people who have no clue what they are doing, VASTLY out numbers that of people who know what to do in ranked... it's PATHETIC.

    Edit: Brazilians are useless and a bot is more helpful than these shitlords.
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    Sounds like evey game with a ranked mode to me so whats the problem

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    Im on PS4 and in the same boat, literally conquest is a myth..

    Nobody has a clue, its hard man. I finished my qualifiers today 2-8. I played great for most games but my team-mates just constantly dieing.. feeding out of position all the time.. not understanding the concept of the groupfights late game.. like yeah skadi you just get that t2 tower while were in a 3v5 in the opposite freakin lane!!

    Its such a shame cause my stats were great I thought they might see through and weigh up the elo but nope.. Silver 5. But hey-ho.. it rests on your whole teams shoulders and if they're shxt then too bad you loose.

    I honestly think LUCK is the biggest factor in winning a ranked conq right now.. am I on the bad team or the really bad team.

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