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Thread: Suggestion for feature idea

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    Suggestion for feature idea

    So there I were, laying awake at four in the morning as I often do, when an idea struck me because I clearly have nothing better to contemplate.

    Smite is a game about gods and goddesses, what if players could choose a patron deity? A feature that would allow players to 'worship' a god or goddess of their choosing. Winning games with any god or unlocking achievements could give players 'devotion points' that go to their chosen idol, gaining devotion levels to unlock things like worshiper boosters, maybe even avatars, loading frames or ward skins themes after that patron god specifically.

    Something to show your devotion to you favorite god that players could choose to do, or choose to ignore. Perhaps a small fee in gems to change your favored deity should you want too.

    It's not completely unlike worshipers and mastery levels, I know. I'm not a game designer. But perhaps it could add more of a feel of worship to characters who are, after all, gods and goddesses.

    Feedback welcome.

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    Interesting, even if it sounds a bit heavy to develop !

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