Okay so i've played 3/10 of my placement games on the day of ranked release, i had a break/holiday from work/smite and i returned and i can no longer find any games whilst queuing for ranked. is this a bug? does no one play ranked in Oceania? i've being queuing for multiple hours in ranked during prime time (5 pm - 12) taking a break in between and playing some casual conquest when i get sick of 40+ min queues.

This must be a mistake right? How does anyone get into the Oceanic Pro League if the competitive ranked conquest doesn't work?

I really love this game and ive spent a good amount of money on it but im considering dropping this game after so many hours because there is no progress to be made playing a game i cant get any challenge from in casual games.

If anyone can answer my questions or give me some advice i'd really appreciate it, cheers.