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Thread: Looking for a team for Season 4

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    Looking for a team for Season 4

    I'm a decent jungler and solo laner looking for a team. Been playing smite since June and i believe i'm good enough to play on a team. Didn't do much ranked on season 3 since i was still learning the game but for season 4 i want to grind ranked as much as possible. Would like to find people who want to play in the Challenger Cup as well.

    Message me on xbox with any questions regarding this
    My gt is Necro Sorcerer

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    I don't mean to burst your bubble, but you won't have a chance in the Cup if you have only played for 7ish months. I played for a year and my team had Diamond and Masters players and we only made the semis.

    Also, some tips on ranked:
    -Stay calm
    -Don't blame anyone
    -If you find yourself super pissed off just take a break

    Good luck out there
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