should the "team members" be penalized in league matches? (losing tribute points)
i say no cause its not their fault they lost (it could be, most likely not) its 4 vs 5


1) Have a w/l in normal conquest of 50% or atleast 40%
Why?: so people dont get shizzy games or get a player that has a w/l ratio of 12% (has happened to me)

2) Tell the new player of ranked the current meta
Why?: I am aware it changes, but it doesn't change till a long time... if you may have noticed new players to Smite (not ranked) doesnt know of the meta jungling so if u ask any of them they will say 2 duo lane

3) increase the amount of god mastered to 20
Why:? lately many people just join League matches with 16 gods mastered.. and after the banning they tell us, oops i dont have any gods left mastered in that role... and end up getting a chronos adc (has happened to me)

4) Don't get a major penalization of 5 tribute point if u have neutral or positive k/d/a... get a tribute point loss of 2-3
Why?: clearly they are not the bad players, and dont say if its the jungler they dont gank... how do they have that many kills if theyre not ganking?
In addition, players who have k/d ratio of 1/5 should have tribute point lose even more ( unless they win but still not full tribute points)

5) able to kick players on lobby
WHY?: ok yes i can see how this is so OP, but hear me out... there are people who call jungle and someone calls it faster... and they just choose a troll pick and afk all game... ok so why am i losing tribute point for someone else raging like a 5 year old playing COD?

6) be able to communicate, meaning speak English!
Why?: well duh we cant understand you, speak the universal language ENGLISH, seriously idc if your not fluent or not, as long as i can understand u, the game can at least go somewhere, really there's soo many languages in the world, am i supposed to know all of the languages in the world (harder)? or should we all just speak a universal language(easier)? and don't say they dont teach English in school, cause ive lived in couple different countries, and all the public schools taught English

7) Have decent internet/computer... any games with 50 ping or less and at 25 fps should be fine ...
Why?: why am i losing cause of someone else toaster?

If anything else should be added post in the comments... or if you disagree post it in comments or if you agree, lets try to get hirez's attention to this post