Season 4 of smite is approaching and I’ve made the conscious decision to start a competitive smite team on Xbox one. I’ve been playing league of legends for years as well as a bit of heroes of the storm and smite since alpha. I transferred my account over to Xbox and been playing on their since. I’m very familiar with mobas and understand the flow of battle in the esports scene. With that said, I believe that I can turn my dream into reality but I can’t do it without you. If you’re reading this and you’re truly passionate on becoming a professional gamer then it’s going to take more than that. You have to believe in it and be obsessed with getting into worlds season 4. If you’ve only played smite for a little then disregard this. I’m looking for veterans with a level mind that focus on teamwork and want to get paid doing something that they love. But in order to get there we need a team of 5. We will keep playing ranked until the people that we are looking for come into our range and share the same dream that we are set to accomplish. It won’t be a one day process but if we find this synergy, then I’m sure as hell that we can perform at the highest level. If you don’t think you can do it, then keep scrolling and don’t take the chance. GT: Hokus Tokus