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Thread: Dacian gods 2

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    Dacian gods 2

    Hello everybody this is my second post about Dacian Pantheon!
    Check my first one and Zamolxis' god concept here :

    Here are the upcoming dacian gods that i will make god concepts:

    Gebelizis -God of Storms
    Bendis - Goddess of Spells
    Derzelas-God of Health
    Kotys- The Mother Goddess
    Pleistoros- God of War
    Sabazios- God of Spring
    Semele- Goddess of Beauty
    Seirenes- The premonitory of Death ( )
    Silenus- God of Nature
    Zmeu- The Great Serpant
    Morgana- The Mysterious Goddess
    Ala - God of Summer Storms
    Baba Dochia - The Old Women Protector of Dacians
    Gurban - God of Harvest
    Iama - God of Death
    Ielele - The Midnight Terror
    Urs - God of Bears
    Soare - God of the Sun
    Strigoi - The Undead
    Vergel- God of Marriage
    Baba Oarba - The Blind Woman ( she is an old woman who draggs rude children into underworld)
    Vârcolac- King of Werewolves
    Vânt - God of Wind
    Florii - Goddess of Flowers
    Muma Pădurii - the Forest Evil Witch
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    Why not just update your previous post?
    Writing lists of gods and their roles isn't really much for concepts to be put in individual threads, in my opinion
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