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Thread: Smite website and customer service.

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    Exclamation Smite website and customer service.

    Firstly I would just like to say that the customer service was very acceptable. They were quick to reply to my email and quick to push my ticket through its due process as well as very friendly. However, the Hi-Rez website needs some very serious fixes, and these fixes are some that should be relatively easy to any basic website designer. I am going to discuss my problems with the website based off my experience of trying to change my password over the last month.

    To start, I normally log in with Google to enter Smite as well as my Hi-Rez account, but for whatever reason, this is not an option when trying to log in to the forums of Hi-Rez. On the web page when you are looking at Hi-Rez forums, if you click “log in” in the top right corner this is where I ran into my first problem. You not only have to know your password, you have to know your username as well. Also, the Hi-Rez password is apparently different from your password that you use to sign into google, (this might be obvious to most people but not to idiots like me). So, if you are in my position where you have no idea what your complex “U1234…etc” username is for Hi-Rez is or your Hi-Rez specific password, then you are basically out of luck. To fix the issue, I signed into the regular Hi-Rez website and logged in with Google. Then I hit “change my password” in account settings to reset my password to something I know or will write down. Unfortunately, yet again, it requires you to have your current password to change it, and again you cannot sign in with Google, so I ran into another dead end here. This is now the second time you cannot log into something in Hi-Rez using Google, or Facebook. I then gave up and tried clicking on “contact us” at the bottom of the page, and it brought up a blank page that only had a fat “HI-REZ STUDIOS” on it, but nothing else. This is a major flaw within the website but for my situation I was able to pull up an old email about the last time I contacted Hi-Rez about these issues. In this email, AND ONLY IN THIS EMAIL, were there instructions on how to change your password. So, I followed the instructions, went to the Hi-Rez website, entered my email and my username (Which I looked up in my account profile on the Hi-Rez website), and reset my password. This is where my story would normally end, but no. After you click, “Reset my password” it takes you directly back to the Hi-Rez log-in screen with no password entered or anything and just a little green bar that teases you as it says “Your password has successfully been reset.” It never says what it has been reset to, nor does it let you manually pick a new password in the same window. NO. It takes you back to the login screen and based off your own intuition, you were supposed to know that an email was sent to you, giving you a very long and complicated, computer-generated password. From here, I finally had what I needed which is why I am able to post this story. Now look, I understand I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am sure I am not the only who has had the delightful time of spelunking through many different Hi-Rez websites and emails trying to change their account settings. Through all of this I still love Hi-Rez and they're games. Thanks! and I hope this information can help better the Hi-Rez website.
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