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Thread: Celtic Event isnt fair for everybody.

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    Celtic Event isnt fair for everybody.

    To be able to participate in the celtic event, you either need to buy gems or by linking your smite account to twitch prime.
    there are no other alternatives.

    I've heard twitch prime is free for the trial and still eligible for you to enter the celtic quest,
    but the thing is, "Twitch Prime is currently available in the US, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain and the UK."
    So for me, coming from an asian country, i have no access to twitch prime.
    thus looking at the other alternative, buying gems.

    im part of the few percentages that doesnt buy the gems, because i dont see a need to.
    just to have cool looking skins, voice packs and etc.
    its fine with me to look pass that.
    but to buy gems for an event?

    odyssey was fine, no gems.. nothing(except the unlockables).
    tons of quest available.
    This is key for some players, as they know, they come in a game, they know they need to complete a quest to earn favor to purchase the next god/skin.
    for me personally this is key.
    a way to boost our favors and also to keep us focus on what we actually wanting to do.

    without the quest, it just seems a bit dull.
    the weekly quest, is non existence. daily quests available is what ill recommend. at least i know that i have an objective in the game.

    so for us to pay for an event, is just not fair i guess.
    this is great game no doubt. i can look pass the glitches or OP gods or whatever.
    but i prefer that everyone has the opportunity to participate in events and grab some loots.

    for now, for us who wont be cashing in, will just have to bare with the boredom until the next event. (hopefully wont be the same)

    Just my 2 cents.

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    This is no different than the viking event and that was fine. The event is there to support the game and company.
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    i am with OP on this one it is not fair

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishPotato View Post
    This is no different than the viking event and that was fine. The event is there to support the game and company.
    Celtic event = $25

    That's not supporting, that's robbery! $25 for 1 single event, not even full blown event. The event caters to the whales as does all of Hirez games.

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