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Thread: hello there VGS people

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    hello there VGS people

    hey yall know its taken a long time for smite to be a decent game quite frankly i wouldnt play the shit if it wasnt on console, i played wow for 10 years lol for 5, switching to console has been a whole lot more relaxed (my back doesnt hurt as bad from carrying) and a lot less toxic. so when i spend 1000000 gems on voice packs i want to hear voice packs not 4 broke assholes that all sound the same irritating form of player harassment i dont wanna fucking hear him, ruins the game period. my idea is to remove that AWFUL default voice pack if not provide an option to mute it is the most annoying thing in my life right now hope you are happy if you think of anything MORE annoying other than satan himself be my guest. its NEGATIVE only little fucking kids need vgs its supposed to be a luxury and more importantly priveledge to speak for A god not ALL gods ie who the fuck does this guy think he is h. frost p.s im pissed

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    Yeah I play console now, I came from PC also. I wasn't able to do what I needed to do with my life on PC, as the game I would play, Counter Strike, took all my time and had other negative effects. Console seems to do this less, I eat better, I workout, I can do college. On PC that's all I wanted to do, and I accepted it over time as the game is very addicting and I have everything I need right now, because I have a mental illness and a section 8 apartment. But I want to have greater things and PC doesn't allow me to do this. So here's another person whose moved from PC to console later in life.

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