I am a player that started to play a game maybe month or two after the Retrocles skin was released with Sorbos voice pack.I couldn't obtain it when i started to play a game or ever since because it's limited.I understand now after almost 2 years of playing 10 hours every day what and how you guys do things.But for the love of God pls i beg whoever from Hi-Rez read this help hard core players and people like me who are perfectionist and above all huge admirer for the Retrcoles skin with every single particle for the skin "skin coloring,gold elements,everything pretty much".I am in love with this skin and it burns me up every single game loging in into the game knowing that there is no chance that i can't obtain it it hurts beyond everything i can't explain.
I wrote asked everyone everywere for help pls if there is anyone in existance who can help me obtain this skin for 3000 gems 4000 gems for everything i will do it.For me this is the most amazing skin in a game and also i was a kid when Sorbo was doing the TV series during 90's and early 2000 so it's sentimental and also so much love into Hercules and Retrocles skin.
If there is a chance that anyone who is Hi-Rez employe and who can help me or other players who also i heard alot that love this skin to somehow put it live.

Can you do some tweaks to the Limited Retrocles and make some tweaks to the Retrcoles coloring or anything and put it again live so we can have it for gems whatever you guys like will do..

Pls consider this question because as a hard core fan you guys need to confort us players and people who support you and this awesome game day by day and help us feel and adore this game to the fullest.

Pls somehow put back Retrocles skin back to be live and for all the people who loves Hercules and exp. this skin like me to have it and enjoy playing Retrcoles Herc...

TY so much whoever read this post and pls support this post and me because you are my only chance to ever be able to log in into the game with the feeling i have something that i love most dearly...I beg of you all ...