First off I want to state that I love this game, and I love the fact that HiRez pays attention and interacts with their community. I've never posted a suggestion for a game like this before because I've never believed there was a possibility of my voice even being heard. So kudos to HiRez for being an awesome company.

I thought about this idea from a perspective of a former hobbyist game developer, and with the exception of lowering the odds for items from chest drops, I can't see any way how this would negatively impact anything already in the game. I've also not seen this particular feature in any other MOBA, although the concept is not new. In fact the framework is partially already laid for this feature to be added. So, maybe it's worth bringing up.

What I'm talking about is a new type of cosmetic item that you can equip on your character, straight from your profile section - similar to an avatar, recall theme, or voice pack. This new cosmetic item would be a pet that is entirely cosmetic that can follow you around in game. It would have to be small like Chang'e's (sp?) bunny or pirate sobek's parrot so that it did not affect game play. It also would not have the same effect as Chang'e's bunny, obviously. Just purely for cosmetic purposes. Perhaps it could be implemented as part of the VGS system, similar to a special emote, or it could be a low-priced consumable item that lasts until killed like a "pet cage" - so it would not be used in more competitive games due to gold cost, or perhaps it could even be something that could be toggled off from view in settings so that anyone who does not want to have it as a distraction can remove it. This would be great for the casual fan base, and it would be a new source of revenue for the game.

I mean, imagine seeing the T5 Anubis skin running around with a pet chihuahua with a little red ribbon bow? Or Poolsideon with a little rubber ducky on a string trailing behind him. Or a tiny Loki following around a Loki - gods of a feather stealth together.

It's obviously opening the door for a lot of silly combinations, but that's sort of the point. Obviously I focused on a silly aspect in my examples, but there are so many cool things that could be done with this idea, and I think it's worth suggesting as an idea.

Thank you for your time spent reading this!