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Thread: the kill numbers are rediclousily high for chalk

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    the kill numbers are rediclousily high for chalk

    even if the people who got the skin played nonstop they might reach 250k but thats really pushing it. if the community was able to get a million kills they should get refunded not 1/4 of the gems back. if your gonna blow smoke up our at least make the numbers more believable. Don't get me wrong its a good idea but hell the numbers are insane high.

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    Man, if I killed someone with chalk..i'd be pretty damn famous i bet.
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    While the general number of misspellings in the title are almost impressive given how many there are, and how few words you used I do have to agree that the numbers seem incredibly high for a game with a playerbase as small as Smite's. Why it's almost as if they wanted to look like they were having a cool promotion, and then be able to wash their hands of actually giving out something because they knew it would fail, and they could just shrug, and blame us for it, or perhaps try to pacify players by giving them one of the lower level rewards! I'm freaking Nostradamus.
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    I'm sure they picked 1 million to be the highest reward because they knew the players had no chance of getting it. And I'm sure that most players that bought the skin knew 1 million was impossible too.

    That being said, 250k sounded entirely possible to me when I bought the skin but now even that's looking impossible after the servers either crash completely every hour, fail to transition from the pregame lobby to the actual map, or have such bad lag that the game literally ends before minions spawn. It'd sure be nice if they decreased number of kills required for each reward due to server issues...

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