I've been playing SMITE for quite a while (Since the Terra update) and I've come across a few gods that needed nerf, but haven't gotten it. I'm not saying that they are high priority since not many people play these gods, but this is my list of gods and reasons for needing nerf:
1. Cabrakan-His abilities regen too quickly. I was playing a match and the only cooldown he had was the boots that give 10% cooldown, and he was using his ultimate every 45 seconds or so.
2. Ymir- He does too much damage for a guardian. He's in the meta with a damage build because he can do a lot of base damage and tank a lot with a full damage build.
3. Bacchus- Another guardian that does too much damage. With the right build being paired with his smashed meter damage reductions, he can deal damage and stay alive for too long.
4. Artemis- She doesn't need immunity while throwing out her boar. My friend was playing Na Zha and he would use his ultimate on the Artemis and she would use her ultimate, cancel his, and still stun him.
5. He Bo- He does way to much damage with way to long of range. He can use his blast that knocks you up from a distance that you can't hit him from. Also his abilities cost not enough mana. He can sit there for a few seconds building mana and just keep using his abilities.
6. Chaac- He can tank too much and deal to much damage at the same time. He's in the meta and he can build a full damage with no protections and still be able to tank a tower at level 10.
These are some of my suggestions on nerfs, thanks for reading :3