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Thread: jungle rant

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    Question jungle rant

    Isn't it just annoying when you play jungle and your teammates want you to be everywhere at once?

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    It is, but it's even worse when the jungle is inexperienced and doesn't know which matchups are worse for their team and thus which lanes to prioritize ganking. I just had a Thor who went Death's Toll and first and didn't realize how bad Nike can counter me as Bellona, and proceeded to call me a noob when he sure as hell was.
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    Definitely junglers that don't understand that they have to sometimes gank more often/baby sit one lane despite his team mate being better/ or equal simply because of how bad the early game is. Though at the same time being able to discern when they can pull off a gank for a kill or simply intrude the personal space of the enemy to get them to back off a little. Depending on who you're jungling as simply being in the presence of the enemy might be enough to make the enemy back off especially if it's a 2v1 and you have mana.

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    I know the feel man sometimes it doesnt matter how good you ganked lane lets say you successfully ganked Mid and Duo lane and got 3 kills then the Solo laner died to the enemy Jungler gank and he will start blame you why you werent there to help him then you tell him that you successfully ganked Mid and Duo lane for 3 kills and he will start rage at you
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