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Thread: Been Gone Since Sept 2015. What I miss?

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    Been Gone Since Sept 2015. What I miss?

    I'm mostly an arena player, been playing since the beta. Moved provinces in sept 2015 couldn't take my gaming PC with me. I'll be back home for 10 days at Christmas.

    Last god released before I moved was Xing Tian. Curious how meta has changed.

    Are limited gods still rare? I've got Winter Olympian Athena, Poolseiden, the angel Archon Thanatos one from the first odyssey, the German football one, Cacodemon Ymir, Infernal Agni, retro Hercules. I think maybe Executioner Nemesis too.

    I know they put a bunch of Convention ones in chests, bummed me out as I had just got convention Artemis at the time. Did the rest stay limited?

    Edit: ok been doing some googling. What's the difference between a T5 and limited?
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