I believe what i have witnessed is a full on ddos-involved hacker who kicked half our team at the start, and every 3 minutes after they reconnect he would re-kick more people (different/some same people each time). This could be something else that i'm not sure of but it is not legit and id like it dealt with. I'm sure there is a lot of hacks out there for smite and its probably hard to deal with. But something needs to be done, I've spent a lot of time n involvement in smite, and not once have i been more frustrated about a hacker or a lag incident then today. I have never been to the forums before nor did i believe in its value, but simply put i have no other options. No one else to turn to, I came here for fair game-play and a fun time. not to be messed with by people who have access with means to kick people from the opposing team to win.

Unfortunately i could not bring any proof to the table of the match because after the match was over, me and the rest of my team were disconnected from smite after the game was over. That being said here is all the info i can muster up from my game history.

Match ID: 298790815
Normal Conquest, 10 minutes.

My team players:
(no name)-Scylla

Enemy team players:
Fercho100-Xing tian
HiRezHinduman- Cupid

Once again I really did not want to make this post, and I hate having to ask for help. Although i'm left with absolutely no choice, i spent money on this game cause i enjoy it and the skins and content it releases, but i am not happy about the reckless disconnections that are timed odd and very team biased this match. -UnseenStabber