Not kidding or sarcastic, and this will probably stay low priority as it's in customs anyhow, buuuuut please DO NOT fix it;

Xbox One
1. Set a custom match with typical Joust settings (hopefully works in other modes too - haven't checked yet though)
2. Pick your team, CPU or User allies,
3. Mash Y button for "Add bot" quick enough - you can get a 3v4. The game will load and run like normal from there, just 3v4 instead of 3v3. The 4 player team is CPU for this repro, have not tried to make it work with full user teams yet.

8 out of 10 repro.

This is a great help for ability and hunter target practice, escape practice, active item practice, etc.

I'm calling it out as I'm sure it'll be found eventually, if it's not in KS land already, but PLEASE DO NOT FIX IT.

...if anything, be slick about it and make it a feature pleeeease. Some of us (even after 1600 hrs of play) find some good value in Custom Matches against bots and having more options or being able to set up lopsided teams is a huge help in some cases. Thanks much!!