I'm sure most players on the PS4 Australian servers would agree that playing nothing but Arena and Joust is getting really tiring. No fault of anyone - the numbers just aren't there. If you're lucky you can get a conquest match relatively quickly but this is rare. After 10+ minutes of queuing for other game modes you just give up and play another Arena match. Sometimes I even play other modes on American servers and deal with the lag, just for something fresh. Anyway, I saw this idea suggested by another player - I can't remember who - and I thought I would bring the idea into the light again...


How about having only 3 or 4 game modes available per day on Aus servers. This would obviously always include Arena, plus 2 other game modes which rotate availability. Maybe then by reducing the options the queue times would be less and we would actually be able to play other modes.

Just a thought. I'm open to other ideas. I just want to see something done! :'(