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Thread: Please let us earn one past limited skin!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XGCoHitokiri View Post
    It would not be fair for the Thanatos skin because apart from getting it traditionally they had an event last year where you could pay $1000 USD to get it and can you imagine how mad those people would be if some crybaby got the skin off of a quest. There will be more limited skins that you can get and you should just be patient.
    yes because the average Smite player just happens to have $1,000 lying around to throw at a skin at any given time

    heck most of us have the issue of affording the season ticket or odyssey when it comes out because the price tag is a decent chunk of gems...and when we get the money it is usually to late (for the ticket, this would be to even get the reward we want, which is usually the end skin reward, in the case of the odyssey more often than not we get the money when it has ended thus making it we can't get the skins either ever again or for at least 6 months...when we won't have the money either)
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