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Thread: Block button for matchmaking

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    Block button for matchmaking

    So I think a great and very simple idea that would help a lot of players promote in ranked/enjoy their casual games is to make the block button prevent you from ever playing with blocked person again.
    If say the person is same league as you in ranked,and you get a match with him again,he will be on the enemy team.
    Since Plat(the league im desperately trying to get out of) is full of both amazing and horrible players,it is often the case I get people that made me lose games multiple times weekly in my team,which only leads to bad blood/mute buttons(which can screw the vgs system,but thats another topic) and simply you losing the game cause of said person over and over again.
    Ive had some friends which have bad tempers,they get the same bad players in multiple games in a single day so they harass them and some of them even got banned for it.Even thought its just a game,wasting your time just to lose over and over again cause you get the same bad player will tilt you heavily.

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    Its matchmaking role to give you balanced teams, when you have bad player, enemy team should have too, if there is not then its matchmaking fault not this bad player. Maybe everybody block him and not allow him playing Smite? Sick idea.
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    Being able to pick and choose who you are matchmaked with would be way too OP unfortunately.
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    Would make queue times a lot longer I think, not to mention, like Kaostic said, picking and choosing who to go against would be OP.
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