Battle for Elysium is SMITECentral's weekly 3v3 Joust tournament, which has completely open registration. All teams of any skill level are welcomed to participate and encouraged to do so in order to improve.

Match Selection: Joust
Team Size: 3v3
Starting Level: 3
God Picking Method: Draft - Joust
Starting Gold: 1500

Date: Thursday, November 10th, 2016
Check-in: 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM Eastern Time (U.S)
Registeration Ends: 6:50 PM Eastern Time (U.S)
No Late Check-ins are accepted
Roster changes are allowed till 7:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S)
Tournament Start: 7:00 PM Easter Time (U.S)

1st place: 18 points + SMITECentral Player Avatars
2nd place: 15 Points + SMITECentral Player Avatars
3rd place: 12 points + SMITECentral Player Avatars
4th place: 10 points
5th-8th place: 8 points
9-16th place: 5 points
17th-32nd place: 3 points
Beyond 32nd: 0 Points

This gem prizing is only given out for the final week of each monthly circuit. For the other weeks, only circuit points will be awarded. The distribution for these circuit points can be seen directly below.
1st place: 1000 Gems per player + SMITECentral Avatar
2nd place: 800 Gems per player + SMITECentral Avatar
3rd place: 600 Gems per player + SMITECentral Avatar
4th place: 300 Gem per player

Full Info: