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Thread: Need help understanding conquest

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    Need help understanding conquest

    So i have been playing smite for a little while now, im about to hit lvl 30, and i am starting to get interested in playing conquest... but its intimidating. So i havent played a single game of it. Buddy and i are having fun chilling in arena joust clash and siege. I should say that i am coming from league of legends so i know the bare bones of a moba style game... my question is like... meta plays i guess? im not even entirely sure how to ask this. I guess what im asking is what happens throughout the game that i need to know about. Questions like

    Where does a jg start?
    What buffs are given away at the beggining of the game and who do they go to?
    Who gets leashed on a camp first?
    Why are xp camps so highly contested? (I think i remember something about the xp camps near mid lane being a highly contested objective but i could be totally wrong)
    Is it meta for the solo laner to roam and be close to a 2nd jg?
    Is it normal for the support to do roam?
    Are there specific relics that need to be taken for different roles? ( Like in league there are summoner spells and say the adc in that game is ALWAYS going to be taking flash and heal. The top laner or solo laner in this game i guess would take flash and teleport)
    I just dont want to go into a conquest game totally blind and ruin someone else's game because i went in without proper knowledge of the game.

    So any information would be great, even if you just link a video or forum post or something I would greatly appreciate it.

    P.S. I have tried to look up a couple videos and i cant find any forum posts on this topic, but all the videos were intended for people who have never played a moba before, and they end on the absolute basics of a moba.

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    Jungle starts at speed buff, which is the buff between mid and solo.

    The jungler will leash it and tank it. Bumba's gives enough healing to always ensure you get most of your health back.jungler takes speed buff. Solo takes blue. Mid takes red at the start with duo.

    The solo will tank the blue buff long enough to leash it around the corner of the blue buff and will pass aggro to the jungler.

    Clear blue and clear a solo wave, then go to the elementals that spawn in the fire giant pit. Then go for mid harpies.

    If your enemy out cleared your mid and is already doing them, skip fighting for right side harpies and clear mid. Then go for left.

    Clear a mid wave, do one of your back camps, come back to mid and clear a wave, then go to the other backs.

    By then you're level 5 and buffs are starting to respawn.

    You do as you want from here, clear some more camps and go back for boots or go gank a lane. It works either way

    XP camps are very important. If you let your enemy jungle take mids and fire elementals every time for 10 minutes, they will end up 1.5-2 levels over you.

    This is huge, you want to at least get one side of mids every time they spawn. Preferable to get both.

    Solo generally doesn't rotate until later. They can rotate early fir mid camps if they cleared a ton faster than their lane enemy.

    Support has to roam. They are starved for everything all game, which means they should be splitting with you as much as they can.
    The only roles with "set" relics are Mid and ADC. Both take purification and Sanctuary. They want to stay safe.

    Jungle will take Purification every game.

    -They can take wrath for fast camp clear/camp steals.

    -They can go blink for easy initiation and chase.

    -They can go sanctuary if they absolutely need it.

    -they can go teleport for unexpected ganks and rotations.

    Solo almost always has teleport. They can get it first relic in case they get pressured out and they don't want to miss farm.

    -If it's a high pressure solo, you can go wrath and go for cheeky invades. Stealing the enemy's blue is devastating.

    Otherwise, they'll get a teamfight relic like shell or curse.

    Support will get whatever the team needs. They can go blink to initiate, curse for slows and anti-healing, shell for damage reduction.

    Their most important relic is Meditation. The sustain it gives is insane and makes your team harder to push out.

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    Hey Mike, think I've got you covered. The guide is also listed in the Tome of Athena (stickied in the Strategy forum), but here it is anyway:

    Should answer most of your questions. Also, DukeSloth has a quick YouTube video that you might find helpful: He's kind enough to mention my guide in his info section as well.

    If you have any further questions, it's easiest to find me on can even just comment in the guide, or PM me.

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