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Thread: New In SMITE: Cyber Sentinel | 3.20 Patch Notes

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    New In SMITE: Cyber Sentinel | 3.20 Patch Notes

    New God Skins

    Warlord Kumbhakarna

    Nature's Guardian Rama

    Prototype Scylla

    Tormentula Arachne

    SoaRbek Sobek

    Luminosity Susano

    Scylla Mastery Skins

    Rama Mastery Skins

    New Voice Packs

    • Warlord Kumbhakarna
    • Nature's Guardian Rama
    • Prototype Scylla
    • Tormentula Arachne

    The Odyssey 2017

    New Content Being Added!
    • Prototype Scylla
    • Tormentual Arachne
    • Lore Lady Announcer Pack
    • Pedestal (Odyssey Collection Bonus)

    To read the entire 3.20 Patch Notes, click HERE

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    The Ah Puch change is useless.

    He didn't need a mana reduction at higher lvl , never needed that. Needs one at lower lvl tho because his skills without combos do no dmg at all. So you need to combo 1+2 or 3+2 or a miracle of 1+3+2 which drains half your mana at low level so you either have to go more often to base (lag in lvl behind others) or to buy pots or to make a build towards mana regen ( which is a bad build IMHO and breaks his purpose which is to do burst dmg) .

    He has no mobility , he can't run , he is a suicide god. if a tank blinks in , he is dead . if a assasin gets close , he is dead . If a hunter attacks him, he is dead (high crits will kill him very fast and cause of the attack speed of hunters they will destroy his corpses in a second).

    Ofc there are casuals who will stay far away from him and then he can use his 1+2 and do some dmg to them but if someone has half a brain he will come close to him aaaaand he is dead...

    Not to mention that his 1 can be blocked by objects from skills like the ymir wall , ah muzen cab hives , loki , skadi , nu wa , thor , vulcan turret etc etc etc. Making his combo useless and doing no dmg aaaaaand.... he is dead.

    The fast ulti execution is somewhat a good idea but what's the point if he will die in 1 sec anyway and it will cancel itself ...

    I don't see Ah Puch a viable god in the future. He is just a suicide god that is good at clearing waves and aggroing in team fights because everyone will jump on him.
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