Since this will never get seen in the suggestion section anyway, I might as well post this here in hopes that Hi-rez will address this issue. The lack of a mute button for VGS commands on both your own team and the enemy team shouldn't even have to be a suggestion in the first place. It has been a common feature in the PC version since launch and Xbox version has been out for years now yet there is nothing. I have no option to stop the onslaught of "you rock" and "no" that comes from my team every time I die in the past 14 games I have played. I cant stop the constant laugh spamming I hear from the enemy team every time one of them kills me or at the end screen. I'm quitting smite, because I realized having to deal with this just ruins the game. Hi-rez, its a simple fix, its been years, this is necessary and not a suggestion. implement the mute system or else your console community will shrink from the ever growing pool of toxic players.

Suggestion have already been given for the counter argument of xbox having to rely more on VGS commands (no chat) so you can see them for yourself here

I might come back in a year or so in hopes that something changes And im betting on that the fact players are not gonna change their behavior.