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Thread: Account and money stolen

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    Account and money stolen

    I had my email stolen and smite account stolen two days ago. I put in a ticket as soon as possible and it's now been two days without a response. My paypal still had some kind of connection to the account so they were able to buy $100 worth of gems and I assume they gifted them off somewhere. My paypal connection to the account is canceled now but paypal themselves still can't refund me. My ticket is Question Reference #161018-001097. I have all the emails of accounts switching and anything else you need. Like I even have emails that the guy logged in from Canada, I've never even been out of the United States. I just want my account and money back please help.

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    Unfortunately, we cannot help you with account related issues on the forums due to not having your information avaliable to us.

    if you've already submitted a support ticket, please be patient and wait for a response.
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