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Nuwa's passive only use one of her gems the earth one.
What if her passive gives a special effect on each of the gem she uses ?
Her passive would charge like Agni Ultimate like every 15s for example, and the first ability she uses when the passive is up gain a special effect :

Water --> Mysterious Fog applies a 20% slow for 2s on every gods it encounters (refresh on every tick)
Metal --> Shining metal gets a 15% flat penetration
Fire --> Every Gods hit by Fire Shards get burn taking 5(+10% magical power) damage for 4s every second.
Earth --> Nu wa next basic attack root her target for 1s.
Here's the thing though, I'm trying to avoid buffing her damage. She does a good amount of damage as she does now, just look at her damage numbers at the end of any game with a decent Nu Wa, she has that area covered, but she's suppose to be utility, yet her utility sucks.
Her stealth isn't good, the movement speed the fog also gives is useless, and her ult can reveal people, yet it's almost on a two minute cooldown.

Also, Nu Wa has 5 crystals; Fire, Metal, Earth, Water and Wood...you seem to be leaving something out, and no, her current passive doesn't use her Earth crystal. The Earth Crystal summons minions, the Wood Crystal Roots.