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    Okay you did it Hirez, you actually gave me a significant reason to log onto the forums and make a post for the first time.

    Every time I try to actually have a good game, a fun game, it gets ruined by this cheap as fuck god. His damage isnt a problem, in fact its in line with some other junglers IMO. The issue is when used by a semi competent player he cannot miss and he cannot be punished.Great escape potential, inescapable damage, and they have the gal to give him good CC.

    Storm Kata for example. 9.5/10 times he can get off both attacks no issue. The damage is not that bad, but combine it with the fact you get both a cone and a radius in ONE ability and im going to start calling bullshit. You cannot deny how cheap this ability is. Even in the event he misses one or both attacks, he gets a free dash and increased movement speed. Allowing him to stick to or get away from any target

    Wind Siphon, ANOTHER cone. Gives him a pull by hitting targets in the center. Even if he misses the center he still gets free damage off due to it being a giant cone and more free movement speed.

    Jet stream. The only thing resembling a skill shot in his entire kit (its really not though). This ability is very similiar to Hun Batz's sacred monkey allowing him to teleport to the target hit. The difference? If Hun Batz misses his ability, its wasted and done with like most of the skill shots in the game. However if Susano misses he doesn't entirely get punished for it. If he is off by just a smidgen or is off entirely he still gets to teleport closer to his target, and also free movement speed due to his passive.

    And finally Typhoon. The embodiment of everything wrong with his kit. A lane wide ability (unmissable) that also has unnecessary CC (both a pull and a knockup, one or the other damnit) and they didn't even have the common sense to have the damage scale up depending on how much it was charged. Yes, unlike Ymir, Sobek, and Isis who also have lane wide ultimates, Susano does not get punished for firing it off early. Not to mention its incredibly fast for a lane wide, unmissable knockup.

    Susano can afford to be wreckless. He can't miss his abilities, and if you don't have enough cc to hold him down he can get out no issue due to his two movement abilities and free movement speed from his passive, even still he can always get beads. Its gods like these that will make me leave the game entirely

    The solution? As he is now he is incredibly cheap, no amount of damage nerfs will change that. He needs a rekit, let Susano be original and skillful, not an obvious attempt to copy Yasuo from LoL.

    TL;DR : He can't miss his abilites, rarely punished, he needs a rekit.

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    Theres no logic about a lot of things on this game.Susano is a clear example.
    Theres the logic that "If your difficult to be killed,it should be difficult for you to kill"
    Well susano can get kills and deal damage while PUNISHING the enemy if they try to do the same to him.Simple as that.

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    Remember old Ratatoskr, that's the same situation we have going on here...except he has CC instead of Crits...which CC is a lot worse.
    I miss S2, that's when Smite was at it's most balanced.

    I only post on threads that I feel like I could add something to the conversation...most of the time.

    Been playing Smite since Nov 2014; over 1264 hours in Smite, and made it to D5 in S2, so don't tell me, without any evidence, that I don't know what I'm talking about.

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