New God Skins

Foxy Amaterasu

Steel Samurai Susano

Old Wa Nu Wa

Meltdown Sol

Terra Mastery Skins

New Voice Packs

  • Foxy Amaterasu
  • Steel Samurai Susano

The Odyssey 2017

The Odyssey is back! Embark on a journey that will last until the SMITE World Championship at the 2017 HiRez Expo! Every two weeks we will be releasing new content for direct purchase that will grant Odyssey Points, which in turn, will allow you to unlock even more content. Purchasing content, however, is not the only way to get Odyssey Points. Each week, there will be 7 quests to complete that will reward you with even more Odyssey Points.

  • New Content Being Added!
  • Foxy Amaterasu
  • Steel Samurai Susano
  • Odyssey Loading Frame
  • Old Wa Nu Wa (Collection Reward)

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