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Thread: Frenzy buff with Ritual Dagger duration bug

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    Frenzy buff with Ritual Dagger duration bug

    Situation 1 (buff duration bug):
    My teamate without Ritual Dagger uses Frenzy and we get 10 secs buff. In that time I have Ritual Dagger and I use Frenzy. But I don't get 15 secs buff, I get only 10 secs. Buff durations just resets.
    I guess this also works the other way around (without Ritual Dagger resets to 15 secs). May be this works with all durable relics, didn't check.

    Situation 2 (graphic bug):
    Graphic effect of Frenzy on gods lasts for 10 secs regardless have you Ritual Dagger or not. Buff in UI lasts respectively and ok. There is no such problem with Sprint relic.

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    If someone used girdle and then you use girdle but have ritual dagger you're just gonna renew the original duration.

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