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Thread: Fly Master Muzen Cab (Skin Based on the Novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding)

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    Fly Master Muzen Cab (Skin Based on the Novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding)

    As my first god skin concept "Sub-commander Poseidon" was received so well, I thought about making another one..

    As the title suggests, this skin is inspired by a novel I read many years ago, "Lord of the flies" by William Golding

    Fly Master Muzen Cab


    So, basically I was looking for a more-human like figure for the picture but that one is the only one that I could find that wasn't too creepy/bad or just more fly than human.

    - I meant for him to be a lot skinnier and less muscular and have great posture instead of a crouched position.
    - He should still have those Large web eyes and a snout of some sort. I'd maybe keep the human-ish mouth of AMC, with the snout-thingy being the nose
    - His Color would be mostly Dark grey/Black but some parts would reflect light like the shells of some beetles.
    - On his back he would have a large yet crude wooden spear.
    - His clothes would appear as torn and ragged Arabian prince clothing except without the hat.



    Instead of stinger-like projectiles, AMC now tosses rocks as his basic attacks

    Passive- Bees! (Flies!)

    Instead of yellow-glowing bees, the passive is now light-grey glowing flies.

    1- Hive (Carcass)
    "Can you smell that?"
    "My swarm is growing"
    "I am the Lord"

    AMC tosses down a rotting carcass of a boar instead of a beehive.

    2- Swarm
    "Devour them!"
    "Feast on them!"

    Same basic idea, yellow bees turned to grey/black flies.

    3- Honey (Rotten path)
    "A perfect meal"
    "Want a bite?"
    "Slow down!"

    AMC spreads around rotting pieces of vegetables and meat instead of honey.

    4- Stinger
    "This'll sting!"
    "Dodge this!"

    AMC pulls out the spear on his back and tosses it out with all his stregth.






    Direct Taunts

    Khepri: "Care to join my swarm?"
    "Never seen a fly like you... Strange"
    "To have a dozen of you!"

    Ratatoskr: "The best rat is a rotting one"
    "Go ahead, die. Feed us. You'll do just fine for a snack"

    Fenrir: "You, a predator? Please! We feast on the likes of you!"
    "The next time you hunt, leave us a bit more than the remains"

    Bacchus: "My flies seem to like you... Must be the stench"

    "Ooh, horse! My favorite!"

    Ah Puch and Izanami:
    "Stop - attracting - my swarm!"

    Survival, Flies, Rotting...

    MORE QUOTES COMING SOON (Also, accepting suggestions)

    Feel free to add me in SMITE

    - [ Doing detailed God concept reviews on request (But only when I feel like it )] -

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    This is so cool. It's too bad this thread doesn't have Skin Concept votes. I would vote this #1.

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