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Thread: Phantom animation

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    Post Phantom animation

    With the new update to phantom allowing for it to give its affect to players around the caster it is essential that the teammates can tell clearly and quickly they have phantom active on them in order to make use of it. In many of my games the tank will use phantom but those who need it don't realize that the relic is active on them. What i purpose is changing the animation of phantom to be easily visible such as other AOE relics.

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    I agree.

    The offwhite circle that appears around your character is hardly noticable. Especially if there are a ton of things going on. Hou Yi ult comes to mind as with something that can become confusing.

    Perhaps give it a bit more of an auditory cue as well?
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    Totally agree, I used phantom yesterday when 2 of teammates was in cage and after this these guys just circle around cage to do jukes instead of run away from cage.
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