I'm trying to log into smite, and I make it past the opening screen, but once the hi-rez and Georgia logos go away it sends me to a screen saying "The login information submitted is invalid. Please verify the username and password." When I type in my information, it will either put me right back on the same screen, or I will get the black loading screen with a blue box in the center saying "Logging in with your credentials, please wait." but nothing happens. After maybe 30 minutes of the black screen, it will sometimes load the game home screen. I clicked around the black screen, and I can actually keep clicking where the login button was on the previous screen. I've had this problem for about 2 weeks now, and it doesn't matter if I'm using wifi or ethernet, or if I'm on a different wifi network, it still behaves the same way. Any ideas on how to fix?

PS, I've already contacted Hi-Rez support, and they haven't been able to fix it as of right now, so I'm going public.