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Thread: Penetration need CAP.

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    Penetration need CAP.

    There is proof penetration items can make defence items totally useless.

    So what if penetration effect cap something 50% (max)

    lets see think. What if my god is 200 defence. and opponent is only penetrarion items. if i have luck. i have less than

    30 defence and pretty weak attack. so how i can figth back. cant in today.

    This why gamemakers need cap this penetration too. Make tank to tank. no anymore squishy tanks.

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    "Penetration is the statistic used to measure how much of the target's protections will be ignored when dealing damage. The higher the value is, the higher the amount of the protection ignored. Most gods begin with 0 Penetration. Just like with Power, Physical and Magical Penetration are restricted to certain gods. Both Physical and Magical Penetration cap at 50.

    Apart from this penetration (also called "Flat Penetration" to differentiate it), there is also Percentage Penetration, which will allow a god to ignore a percentage of the target's current protections. For more detailed information about this and other types of defense reduction, please visit its main article: Penetration and Reduction"
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    Honestly... Percentage Pen and reduction need to have caps, as well as, diminishing returns.

    I believe that there far are too many passive/active percentage abilities in the game. Be it Pen or health based...

    Since protections have diminishing returns, after a certain point you aren't getting much value from building more. I think it is an average of 2-3 basic attacks for every 50 prtoections from a hunter (without pen/crit) that you can survive.

    Here are a few.....
    Izunami- passive 20% pen, when at max (add titans bane she ignores 53% of all protections.)
    Nemesis- Ult 50% protection reduction. (Add Executioner+Void shield and it effectively shreds 80-90% of protections on a target)
    Fafnir - 20% protection reduction (add Gem again 53% of protections ignored)
    Kali- 30% pen against her target (Add titans bane you ignore 63% of all protections....)

    Before going off saying OP!OP!OP I will say that this can be fixed by adding another item for the supportive characters.

    If an item, or set of items, were added that increased protections by a percentage it could help counter the effects of natural percentage reduction and penetration. Perhaps abilities that increased protections by percentages, instead of reducing them. Maybe have an item that mitigates damage when armor has been reduced, or been compromised? I don't know, yet.

    In certain scenarios percentage based damage, reduction, or pen can be fine. But there should be a way to counter it, built into the system. I know you can build Midguardian+Witchblade to help against qins, but often times it isn't going to be enough.

    Granted, the list of gods that have Percentage abilities is, rather, finite. And I get that they are meant to tip the scale in their favor, somehow. But I think that there should be a way to counter them through purchases, and other abilities.
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    flat pen maxes at 50, % doesn't and the only real counter to it is just more HP but as every one builds qins this is countered as well. also there is nemean lion against AA based gods and thorns.

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