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Thread: Chhinnamasta, the self-decapitated goddess

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    Chhinnamasta, the self-decapitated goddess

    The self-decapitated goddess

    the sixth mahavidya, the goddess who is depicted as cutting off her own head in order to set loose jets of blood to quench those that attend beside her. she is the ultimate representation of self-sacrifice in hindu mythology

    unfortunately, I'm not able to provide a proper image of her, as I couldn't find something modern-esque, and whatver I found was kinda inappropriate to put on the forums.
    so instead, here's a picture of a fountain of blood (isn't that actually kool-aid?) to give you an idea of what she looks like:

    but seriously, look her up and you'll understand what I mean.

    Pantheon: Hindu
    Type: melee, magical
    Role: guardian
    Pros: high sustain
    Weapon: hook-shaped scimitar

    Health: 600 (+100)
    Mana: 230 (+31)
    Speed: 365
    Attack range: 12
    Attack speed: 0.9 (+1.5)
    Power: 40 (+1.5)
    Physical protection: 24 (+3.1)
    Magical protection: 30 (+1)
    Hp5: 8.5 (+0.7)
    Mp5: 5.1 (+0.6)

    Self-destructive tendendies – instead of mana, Chhinnamasta uses her health as a resource for her abilities. Her mana is instead used to heal her for a percentage of her maximum health.
    Heal: 1% of max health per second (+1% per 5 levels)
    Mana consumption: 5 per second (+5 per 5 levels)
    Ability 1:
    Jets of blood – Chhinnamasta targets herself or an ally. Upon cast, she lets out a jet of blood, quenching the target (eww, nasty!) and healing them over time. Chhinnamasta can target up to two allies simultaneously in addition to herself. If she targets herself, she won't heal but instead gain a charge of fury (max: 3 charges).
    Heal: 10/15/20/25/30 (+10% of magical power) every 0.5 for 5 seconds
    Cost: 10% of current health per jet over 5 seconds (jets stack additively*)
    Cooldown: 15s
    Ability 2:
    Scimitar throw – Chhinnamasta throws her scimitar in a line, damaging all minions in its path and stopping on the first god hit, dealing damage and knocking them back.
    Damage: 90/125/160/195/230 (+50 of magical power)
    Cost: 10% of current health
    Cooldown: 13s

    Ability 3:
    Head throw or something like that (oops, forgot to change the name ) – Chhinnamasta throws her head in a target direction, dealing damage to all enemies in an area and warding it. She deals increased damage for every charge of fury she has and at max charges, knocks up enemies. If Chhinnamasta manages to collect the head before it is destroyed, the cost of the ability plus the cost of all the charges is refunded plus an additional amount as a percentage of her missing health.
    While her head is away from her, she holds her scimitar in both her hands, gaining 20% additional basic attack damage while decreasing her attack speed by 20%.
    Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 (+40% of magical power)
    Damage increase per charge: 10%
    Head health: 20% of maximum health
    Additional refund: 50/90/130/170/210 (+15% of magical power)
    Cost: 10% of current health
    Cooldown: 12s
    The ultimate self-sacrifice – Chhinnamasta targets an ally. After channeling for 1 second, she sacrifices herself to shield that ally and reduce her death timer for the subsequent countdown. She cannot cast on herself and this does not count as a death or a kill (therefore denying it).
    Shield strength: 200/325/450/575/700 (+10% of current health)
    Shield duration: 10s
    Death timer reduction: 10/15/20/25/30%
    Cost: 100% of current health
    Cooldown: 120s

    1. Regarding the additive stacking of the 1, this would be easier to exemplify: if she casts 3 jets while she has 100% health, then she would lose 30% of her health by the end of the channeling. If it was multiplicative, then she would've lost her health down to a minimum of 27.1%, depending on the exact time she casted subsequent jets.
    2. The stats and output of the abilities are always subject to change, depending on whether she's too strong or too weak.
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