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Thread: Ymir T1 (recolor) skin

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    Ymir T1 (recolor) skin

    I noticed Ymir still doesn't have a recolor skin. I was wondering why this is the case, as all other gods (to my knowledge) have a recolor. So I came up Rubymir. It's a simple recoloring of Ymir to be a dark red color (closer to black near the feet). Also I noticed that Incenerator Agni (his recolor) has the colors of his abilities changed, so maybe Rubymir could have red colored abilities (not necessary but it would be nice). I know that the recolors aren't the most sought after skins, but a new player that likes Ymir would be able to get a cheap skin until they get one of his better ones. Also, if anyone has other ideas feel free to comment it.
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    The closest thing to a recolor for Ymir would be Nuclear Winter, which is unfortunately exclusive.

    I like your ideas though, I hope they're implemented across all platforms.
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    Recolor on Ymir is basically T3 or T4 skin cause of his great ice look, imagine purple Ymir as recolor, would look better than any of his current skins.
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