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Thread: Arena - attack speed gate

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    Arena - attack speed gate

    I posted about this bug back in Escape from the Underworld. I looked for that thread but couldn't find it or I would have posting this there to bump it. Sorry.

    The gate that drops to let the attack speed beast out appears out of alignment with the box the beast spawns in. I don't mean a little bit either. The gate is off alignment by about 70 degrees. Like clipping through the back of the box. The effect of having a gate there is still intact though. Meaning you can't damage the beast before the gate drops. Only the graphics asset is whacked out.

    Like I said I reported this months ago. As a HUGE fan of this game I'm embarrassed by the thought of new players seeing this and maybe thinking the game is glitchy and cheap. Please fix it.

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    agreed. that gate has been like that for far to long, its even worse than it used to look before.

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