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Thread: What are your Moments Lost in History?

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    What are your Moments Lost in History?

    I want to hear your stories of plays that you wish had been recorded but instead are forever lost.

    I'll start.

    So about 20 minutes ago I got onto a friends profile to check when the last play time was. I decided to pop into a game of Arena.

    End of the game: Score is 1-36. The whole team has given up pretty much.

    I blink out of the fountain right next to Chronos and send Tusky to do my dirty work. I manage to pick up a quadra kill on Chronos, Neith, Jing Wei, and Vulcan. I kill minions while chasing the Hel back to their base. At this time the score is 1-6. The Hel comes out of base and I set my trap right infront of her, scaring her and making her retreat back into the base. The minions enter the portal and we win 1-0.

    Match ID: 267919110

    So what are your Lost Moments?

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    20 - 1 achievement unlock. Gotten with Medusa... in assault. What killed me was the phoenix, that I allowed it to.

    Shout out to the Hel I had <3 (yes, we won that match)
    Also the potato queen

    And Dragon princess
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    I had a Guan Yu match in Conquest where we were up against a 50/11/can't remember how many assists Ratatouille who's even done a Quadra kill on us. The crazy thing is, we won that match because we pushed like motherfuckers even tho we were the underdogs and we didn't even got GF or FG. It is the most epic match I've ever had in my Smite life and if I had the means to save it somewhere so I could watch it I would do it, it's just too good and I love Guan Yu because of this.

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    Got a pentakill with Sylvanus

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    Don't want to go searching for the match ID, but I was a Hades in Solo, and was doing a fairly decent job of bullying my lane opponent Chaac. One point around mid game, it was a silly 2 v 2 pokefest between us two solo laners and the junglers. Then the enemies suddenly aggressed and managed to pop my JG, so I start retreating, almost get smacked by an enemy Janus ult, and then their mid AND duo lane was suddenly in my lane, hence I was in the middle of a 5-Man Gank Squad.

    Managed to get close to my tower before I realized all 5 of them were somewhat weakened, at least half HP, but so was I...And then I noticed my teams Support, Bacchus was on his way and currently at about the start of the FG camp. So I dive in with Death from Below, silence/fear three of the five, use my 3 to gain back some health, and then pop my ult and catch all 5 of them. Managed to kill their JG with the start of this, but the other four started tearing into me...Right as Bacchus arrived, Belly Flopped onto all of them, and then dropped HIS ult. He killed two of them instantly that way, and my ult finished off the other two.

    I'm more than a bit sad that play wasn't saved at all cause it felt amazing to pull off, though props really go to Bacchus for not only helping me survive a 5 man gank, but assisting in the killing of the remaining 4.

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    I had one game where I played Siege together with Rainbowsplat. I was Cabrakan, he was Bastet, our teammates both disconnected very early, leading to a 2v4. Not much to say overall, we still managed to win somehow and we were plenty happy with that.

    That one time, not too long ago actually, I played Neith and got a kill by using her 1 on an enemy while also hitting two weaves in the process. The enemy just exploded.

    It isn't anything too special probably, but there was this one game where I reached the super late game with Kukulkan. Fully build, maximum power and pen, red buff, both power pots and fire giant buff. It was a dream coming true. His 1 was easily dealing about half an enemies healthbar worth of damage, Polynomicon exceeded the 1000 damage mark. I was pleased. Especially when I used that to kill a hunter.

    I remember the first time I played Cabrakan mid. I was actually not sure at that time if and how well that would work out. When I got that level 1 first blood just because of tremors, I felt pretty good.

    One or two days ago, Rainbowsplat and I really wanted to try out whether we could make the perfect Hou Yi - Terra combo work. Namely, me as Terra initating on an enemy, using her 2 to put the enemy between two walls so that Hou Yi can get the double bounce on that sorry person. We managed to do that in the very first game we tried to do that after practising a bit in jungle practise against a Ne Zha. Poor bastard just melted. We almost would have gotten that two more times, once I fucked up out of reflex, the other time, the target managed to get out or something interfered with/for rainbow getting the perfect shot aligned. Still, glorious attempts, much fun.
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    My Hades penta T-T

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    I told this before, but it's too good to pass. I was Fenrir with full passive but low health, about to be executed by Thanatos under my tower. I jumped in place, avoiding his ultimate and stunning him. Then I ulted him and paraded the poor bastard around my tower, which finished the job.
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    The one play I can always remember was the one where I was playing Hades and the enemy team was at FG. My entire team was dead so it was up to me to stop them. I managed to dive in with my 1 and ulted their entire team. I stole the fire giant, got a quadra kill with the nem barely getting away with her shield. This was also the game where I snowballed hard as well and carried the entire team (i think).

    My clan mates have feared my Hades ever since.... XD
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    Siege Season 2

    One phoenix down. We win the fight in the jungle I sacrifice myself so xbal and hel can take the phoenix. Hel tanks the titan but xbal just can't keep his asshole puckered enough and decides to move up and gets aggro swapped and gets insta killed and hel doesn't have the dps to finish it.

    Immediately after I took the fetal position and took a break from smite.

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