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Thread: Sekhmet: The Red Sands' Fury

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    Sekhmet: The Red Sands' Fury

    Name: Sekhment
    Title: The Red Sands' Fury
    Type: Physical, range/melee
    Pantheon: Egyptian
    Role: Hunter (secondary - Assassin)

    I'm just skipping lore because Hirez will need to PG-13 it.
    I won't be doing numbers or stats because I'm a moron to that.

    Hunter form

    Assassin form

    Passive: Lioness's Bloodlust
    Calm state: For every minion kill Sekhmet gains 5 seconds to her ult meter, this can only happen once every ten seconds per minion kill. For any camp kill, she gains ten seconds. For a god kill, she gains fifteen. This fills up her blood frenzy meter, which at 50 seconds, allows her to enter a primal state. This caps at fifty stacks, doesn't drain over time but resets on death.

    Frenzied: Following the rules of the first, every kill during her Frenzied state allows Sekhmet to keep going. The meter drains five stacks per 6 seconds if no kills have been made or resets on death.

    Ability 1.A: Desert's Hatred
    Focusing on a single target, Sekhmet directs her anger to one person, gaining increased damage against them the longer she attacks. Hitting a different enemy during this cause them to take half of her built up hatred. This ability lasts for ten seconds, but can gain time after a % total of HP has been taken from an enemy.

    This does not give her pen/true damage, but rather adds on to her current damage. Basically regular damage would be say five, this doubles it to ten, then goes to fifteen, etc. If she's at 'twenty' damage against a specific enemy but then hits another, they'll take ten. This applies to AA only; be it range or melee. As this can transfer over to her frenzied form,

    Ability 1.B: Killer Instinct
    For an X radius around her, Sekhmet locates the smell of all her enemies. The lower they are, the quicker she can get to them. This allows her to see through walls and stealth, as it puts a 'fog' cloud on an enemy. Green for good health, yellow for medium and red for low.

    This does apply to stealth. (Fuck you Loki)

    Ability 2.A: Blood Scent
    Passive: Blood of slain enemies stays in an area around Sekhmet

    Active: Calling the blood forth, Sekhmet infuses her next attacks (Either for an X amount of attacks or an X duration), applying a debuff any enemies hit, causing them to take DoT damage for the applied tainted blood. Each hit stacks upon the last, lowering defense.

    This basically just rewards her for staying in lane as it loses potency the more she wanders.

    Ability 2.B: Weak Prey
    Upon using this ability, Sekhmet can see her enemies' weaknesses as she lunges forward over an X distance (this will be a jump), stopping on a god hit, dealing damage. If a god dies to this ability, she will be invigorated by their death and be allowed to target another.

    Ability 3.A: Skewer
    Tossing her spear to a target location, it pins a single person to the ground. This allows Sekhmet to get to them faster as she pounces onto them.

    If the skill misses a god, her spear will stay there for an X duration, upon being recalled it flies through any enemies in its path, dealing more damage per god hit in its path.

    Ability 3.B: Sever
    Sekmet dashes towards a god, applying a swift bite to their body that causes bleeding damage over X duration for X length of time. If a god is below a certain threshold, Sekhmet drags them X meters away, stunning them for X time.

    Desert Frenzy
    Once Sekhmet gathers enough blood lust, she loses control of her self and enters a more primal state, gaining new abilities. This form initially lasts for fifty seconds, but can be kept going.


    I already have a feeling this is broken as hell but YOLO
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