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Thread: Support Plays

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    Question Support Plays

    So I haven't played much Conquest since the start of Season 3. I want to get back into it. I mainly play the support role. What are the plays and rotations of this new season 3 map and meta. All advice helps guys. Thanks!!!!

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    Uhh... i'm not really sure what do you mean with plays and rotations but i'll give you a brief overview of how i mainly play supports:

    1)You start with your hunter and your mage at the red buff (give the red buff to the mage) head to boars with your hunter then to lane. (general stuff)
    2)Then you stay in your lane and help your adc clear and protect him until the mids are about to spawn.
    3)Once you have mids coming up you go base, buy and head to mid lane
    4)Clear a wave with your mid and go to contest mid camps as well as ward for your mid laner (if he hasn't warded)
    5)Then i rotate between duo and mid a little clear some waves poke some enemies n do support... uhh... support-y stuffs
    6)Gank solo if you're sure your duo isn't gonna get facerolled or if you're athena
    7)Help with some jungle buffs
    8)should be teamfighting time already.

    Honestly though. What you do as a support really heavily depends on how you / your adc / your mid and your solo are doing as well as what god you are playing where your jungler is what your jungler is and how well your jungler is doing and how familiar you are with the god. There is no set-in-stone things you have to do as a support your main task as a support is to realize where you are needed and for what you are needed while grabbing as much xp and gold as possible to not fall behind.
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