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Thread: Help me rebuild my arena tanks!

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    Help me rebuild my arena tanks!

    So I came back from a long hiatus to notice that my God Builder has been wiped out.I remember a few things I tended to use
    Gem of iso, eth staff, mail of renewal, sov, bulwark, shoes of focus.

    I mostly played Khumba, kabrakan, athena, crap um chinese mouth axe guy, etc but mostly khumba. Pretty much the only ones I never really played were ares and sylvanus(though I play him on occasion),
    I do want to learn terra and fafnir as well though.

    So what other items should I look at since I noticed there are a bunch of new items as well.

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    All these answers are on YouTube.

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    My core build for arena guardians is pen/cdr boots, breastplate of valor, genji's guard and mantle of discord. The two remaining items are wildcards. I like building max cdr because I can use my abilities more rapidly, which works well for guardians with combos, especially Kumba.

    Quote Originally Posted by trollsong View Post
    chinese mouth axe guy
    Greatest description of Xing Tian ever.
    All rights, gents. Let's wallop these cheeky buggers in the most elegant way possible.

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    I use the same build i usually use for conquest:

    Start off with adventurers blade + T1 boots -> winged blade -> Breastplate of Valor -> Heartward -> Sov -> finish boots into cdr boots -> optional item (Bulwark / Nemean / Discord...) -> sell winged blade for a damage item (rod if you have good scalings like ymir / obsidian shard if your scalings suck) If you wanna keep the health from the winged blade and/or passive you can also keep it and not go for any damage items in the build.

    The T1 boots + winged blade provide you with the neccessary move speed you would get from boots otherwise so you can delay your boots (as cdr boots do not offer any defensive stats)
    Going for winged blade 1st item is really good early game as health will be your most effective defensive stat early on and winged provides you with 300 hp as well as 20% CCR (crowd control reduction) which is also a very handy stat on supports.
    Having some early Health means you can go into a BoV with no problems as you'll have a decent health pool which should be enough to keep mages at bay. The 1st 2 tiers of BoV are pretty cheap give you mana and good phys protection. The mana will be really helpful and force you to back off less often.
    Into a heartward + sov. Generally good supportive items. Rarely anyone builds those in arena so if you get them you instantly have an advantage over the enemy team as you are increasing the team's total protections by 125 magical and 150 physical prot as long as you're alive. They also provide you with a total of a 400 hp increase.
    Into cdr boots to finish out with cdr as you should be tanky enough by now to invest in a non-tank item.
    Into a last optional item depending on what you need.

    Pretty straight-forward. Works for me like a charm.
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