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Thread: What is the order of CC activation for two colliding dashes that activate CC on hit?

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    What is the order of CC activation for two colliding dashes that activate CC on hit?

    Let's say there's a Sun Wukong (SWK) vs Tyr. What would happen if a Sun Wukong uses tiger form and Tyr uses his attack stance fearless. Would SWK get knocked back or would Tyr get stun? Does the time of the activation of their respective abilities affect the outcome? Tyr could easily be replaced by Apollo's or Chiron's dash.

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    Sun Wukong would win the trade because he would stun Tyr out of the animation.
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    I believe hard CC wins over sift CC if they were proc'd at the exact split second, however, it really depends on the two moves clashing. Tyr's Fearless is a knock back in terms of CC, a soft CC that needs to complete the attack animation to be considered 'proc'd', where as SWK's tiger stun is on contact, meaning the moment it confirms a hit, it proc's. This would mean SWK wings the exchange. However, a SWK tiger vs a Erlang Shen turtle, the Erlang would proc first, as it is in path, not upon hit. The logic there is that the Tiger must confirm a hit to proc, where as Erlang's knock up is path oriented, meaning there's a very small window in front of him that confirms a knock up before it's actually him. This means the tiger doesn't confirm, and therefore doesn't secure the stun. However, if the sun hit's from behind, the stun would proc, as the path orientation is from the front, and therefore can't proc from behind, and the tiger secures a hit mark.

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