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Thread: Dagon, Father of the Old Gods - SMITE God/Goddess Idea

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    Dagon, Father of the Old Gods - SMITE God/Goddess Idea

    God Name: Dagon
    Title: Father of the Old Gods
    Pantheon: Mesopotamian
    Type: Physical, Melee
    Role: Warrior
    Pros: High Defense

    art by me.

    Though many empires have risen and fallen over the years, those who they worship have their names whispered through the veil of time. Names so ancient, the utter meaning lost to the vast seas of eternity. Once the Old Ones were worshipped, and their boon plentiful. They were the ones whom the mortals worshipped first. Yet these lost names are nothing more but an echo of a time long ago.

    Among these broken names were Dagon, Father to the Old Gods, King of they Who Sleep, and Lord of the Semitic Empires. For ages history saw his empire stretch between the Greeks and the Indus Valley. Many stories about the once-King was lost in the rabble of much younger gods, yet even they cannot deny the all-encompassing presence of the King of All. When the river-valley was bountiful he was the god of agriculture, when the seas were plentiful he was the god of the fish, and when war was waged, he was the god of warfare.

    Though the Mesopotamian empires have fallen, their gods still remain. They were asleep for ages in the void between the realms of the gods. As king to his people, wastching the world he built upon crumble before his very eyes filled Dagon with a prejudice against these newer, younger gods. While they babble on and boast of their powers, they forget that there was a king before the kings, there was a god before the gods. Awakened by the crisis the world is suffering, Dagon can no longer bear what the more immature gods have done to his precious world. He must hasten to awaken his still sleeping brethren. Together, only with the sustaining power of the Old Gods can the world be truly repaired. After all, they were the first to rule, and Creation is in their blood.

    PASSIVE: Old Bones
    Whenever Dagon is hit by a crowd control, he gains shields for the duration of the Crowd Control. This can only happen once every 10 seconds.
    Ability: Self
    Effect: Buff
    Shield: 10% Current HP

    ABILITY 1: Fertile Crescent
    Dagon swipes his axe in a cone in front of him, dealing damage and healing him for a percentage of damage done. Any excess healing that he receives from this ability is turned into a shield.
    Ability: Directional.Cone
    Effect: Damage
    Damage: 75/85/95/105/115 (+45% PP)
    Heal: 20/30/40/50/60 per 100 Damage Done
    Cost: 40/45/50/55/60
    Cooldown: 15s

    ABILITY 2: Sunder
    Dagon leaps a short distance and slams his axe into the ground. Killing enemy units resets Sunder's cooldowns to allow for multiple uses.
    Ability: Ground Target
    Effect: Leap
    Distance: Up to 45ft
    Damage: 110/150/190/230/270 (+70% PP)
    Cost: 70
    Cooldown: 12s

    ABILITY 3: Ancient Scales
    PASSIVE: Dagon gains physical power based on how much shields he has.
    ACTIVE: Any healing that affects Dagon for the next 5 seconds, except his own HP5, will instead turn into a temporary shield.
    Ability: Self
    Effect: Buff
    Physical Power: +2/3/4/5/6 PP per 35 Shield HP
    Shield Duration: 9s
    Cost: 50/60/70/80/90
    Cooldown: 18s

    ULTIMATE: Abyssal Culling
    Dagon transforms into a creature of the Abyss, gaining immunity to Crowd Controls and a massive shield that decays over time. While in this state, his basic attacks will apply a brief fear.
    Ability: Self
    Effect: Buff
    Duration: 8/10/12/14/14s
    Shield: 80% Max HP
    Fear Duration: 0.15s
    Cost: 105
    Cooldown: 75s

    Oh great. An ability focused warrior that uses shields. As if shields aren't broken already! I hear you say. But his shields are temporary and, though they give him bonuses, there are still some ways to make him viable without the use of shields. Dagon uses shields to augment his attacks but never as an offensive. His team-changing moves and protections from different scenarios make him a viable play for solo lane.

    He has a sustain, a bread-and-butter attack, a buff, protections and a game changing ult during team fights. Instead of AA-focused, this ability warrior can augment his attacks to fit the situation he is in. Need health? His First ability is there to help you. Need protections? His passive and third ability has your six. Need to be offensive, his second ability and partly his first will help you push to enemy base.
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    Lol a shield focused god? Isn't shielding OP? How will you compensate for the enemy?

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