Hi ,
Well as my title says , it's very boring to re-download the game so much time and everydays cause patch cant be up on the game , when u use the repair tool it doesnt work or better he just dammage your game !
Version every 2days so imagine if u dont have a great connexion , u need to download the game , play during a moment , wait tomorrow and here again the game doesnt want to make patch or just make an error from the space !

So please , really please can u fix that issue from launcher , i mean Hi-rez UI and others things cause seriously it's a very nice game , but when u spend ur money in something and nothing can help u , u need to loose time every weeks cause u need to re-download everytime the game , u can go very mad from creators !

I surf on the net i check every topics from issues on Smite and i saw it's allways the same things and it's cool to make maintenance but cause u check this troubles too ? Cause as i said it's like spending money over the window !

Ty a lot , i dont wanna be so rude by my topic but i think as we are pple who use and " make the game " i mean without players there is no game , it's very important to make something nice and check recurrent issues from the launcher