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Thread: Fenrir buff suggestions

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    Fenrir buff suggestions

    Since the very beginning when Smite first came out for Xbox One during the beta I instantly fell in love with Fenrir, and playing him was insanely fun despite the awful amount of negative reactions and criticisms I received for playing him. It seemed that people believed he wasn't a good assassin and the truth is that they're right, he doesn't have any abilities that stand out as a character classified as an assassin. Without any invisibility, invulnerability, absurd mobility, insane burst, or protection stealing, Fenrir is a low end assassin who is insanely squishy. Instead despite being labeled assassin Fenrir is more of a warrior in my eyes and building defenses on him has gotten me many killing sprees and out of some very sticky situations that most Fenrir players I've seen couldn't get out of. However ever since some gods got reworked *cough* *cough* Rat, and other newer gods came out with exceptional abilities i feel as if Fenrir has started to fall in-between the cracks. Unchained at the time when it first came out was a great ability, it could be used an escape but also as an offensive weapon especially if you had full runes and could stun whoever you landed on. However most of the preferred gods now in season 3 have auto stuns in their kits without the use of runes making Fenrir's unchained a lower tier of stun and not a very useful ability in team fights. So my suggestion for a rework on Unchained would be that Unchained passively stuns, Now the problem that arises with that is what to make his full rune bonus do on unchained, honestly i don't really know,maybe a damage buff similarly to kali's 3 ability for added burst since you are sacrificing your only escape ability. or instead you could do a damage mitigation buff for survivability when jumping into the fray like a Bellona. My last suggestion concerns his 3 ability, Brutalize. Most played gods now in season 3 are all about the hard CC meaning that fenrir's brutalize is easily shut down and his contribution to team fights is lowered significantly. So my suggestion would be that brutalize is considered a non-rune gaining basic attack that procs on hit items for the sake of protection debuffs like stone cutter sword or executioner's axe, BUT doesn't proc on hit crits because let's be honest adding more abilities that can crit are just asking for trouble from the community. This way even if Fenrir is bursted down, his target for brutalize is made vulnerable long enough for your team to avenge you.

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    Fenrir already has the best dance in the game and you want a buff!?!?!?

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