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Thread: Why have towers at all?

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    Why have towers at all?

    I'm not naive enough to believe this will actually get ar response but here goes: Explain to me why a Janus can chase med of through tower , phionx, to Titan, kill me and come out completely unscathed. I mean literally nothing happened to him. What's the purpose of having them if they don't due anything?

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    as you might be a new player, structures are there as a way to defend your titan and yourself making them hit enemies that are within on range. janus was able to chase you through anything cause his range is fairly high and mobility aswell a lot, but imagine an assassin tries to kill you. you can run to your tower and you should be able to kill him instead. towers are a part of the game just like minions jungle camps monsters and the titan. why have them? minions don't protect you from a janus either and the titan will mostly just look you just have to learn how to play with them and you can literally hide behind structures to absorb dmg such as basic attacks

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    if you want a map that doesn't have towers...the closest you will get is Arena, and even thy have towers...but they can't be destroyed and are only located in very specific spots.

    i.e. right outside your and the enemy base on each side.
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