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Thread: A few forum suggestions

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    Needed forum features

    The forum seems to be missing a few very major features.
    Not sure if it's by my own ignorance, but I can't seem to find any way to resize images. They are many plugins for vBulletin that add codes for image resize, so I think we should use one. If there is the option to add images, we would also need need an option to resize them.
    I also think, the tool menu needs a button for dashline (like the one we got for spoilers),

    (^this thing)
    so people can use it without typing:

    Lastly, authors of threads have very little control over the threads they have created. You cannot delete a thread and you have no control over polls you create. If you have made a mistake upon a poll, you cannot change it and you don't have the abillity to delete or lock said poll. People who take part in a poll also don't have the option to change their vote.

    P.S. Email notifications don't work.
    P.S.2 Also for some reason changing the thread's title only changes the title of the OP, and not the thread itself.
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    Other stuff: Supremacy game mode and item suggestions

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    I agree with everything said. Would be nice if we could delete are own posts, edit polls, use are own icons. etc. And also have things near any forum you'll go on ever gives you the ability to do. ^^' I've made a forum, from premade 'free forums' and from coding one myself. So I know it would be easy and benefit everyone in doing so. It would also make the mods jobs easier in long run.

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