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Thread: Freya update (Or rework).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetSolanaceae View Post
    Thanks, any advice on how to play against burst mages or how to lane early on? I tend to have a hard time doing well early.

    I play Freya differently I think than most I've seen.

    I start with 2nd version of TELEKINESIS RING. No pot. This leaves me 425 gold.

    I clear 2 or 3 waves, I do not push, retreat in tower if need to.

    Once I get 1100 gold, I go to base after a wave cleared (important to not miss any XP), then buy telekinesis ring with one mana pot or two if I can afford.

    Once I have the telekinesis ring, clearing waves is EASY, and your ennemy is still lvl 4-5. So they die quickly with the added damage/atk speed.

    Next item is Fatalis/boots, then the other atk speed ring, then the last 2 items it depends. If there's 2 ADCs on the other side I pick Whitchblade.

    Or else, I pick Tahuti > O shard > spear deso.

    No clues what 'Masters' would say about that, but that's what got me killin' the most. I tried other stuff as well.
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